Javascript homework #3

long story short, I had a puppy.

I loved him dearly, I was playing with him, and let him chase any frog he wanted. oh, good times!

but like 2 weeks ago, my niece was visiting me, and she is only 3 years old. she wanted to play with Bucky, I let her because both are cute, and I thought it would be awesome stuff to my youtube channel.

well… apperantly, 3 years old and puppies does not get along, and my puppy’s head was sapereted from its body by the end of the session.

well, I got a new puppy now, and now, we are going to be extra careful!

we are going to let anyone who wants to play with our puppy, fill a form.

the form will have a first name, last name, and age.

the user will click the form, and our form will need to detect rather the user is over 21, or not.

if the user is over 21, we will let him know he can play with Bucky2, if not, well… go home!

build this form, before its too late !!!  (btw, its a made up story. I love my cub! and his name is Max 🙂 )